Ensuring your little one is safe and comfortable whilst they sleep is a key baby care concern for all parents. Grant your baby the best night’s sleep possible with the Woolrex baby sleeping bag. This 100% Australian merino wool bag is the ideal choice for comfort, convenience and safety alike. And what’s more, you need only invest in one bag for 4 seasons!

Is the Woolrex Baby Sleeping bag for Summer or Winter?

This natural and sustainable sleeping bag is as versatile as it is comfortable. Due to their completely natural and highly breathable fibres, our 4-season sleeping bags can be used all year round and do not come with a fixed TOG. Merino wool is an excellent option for temperature regulation, and our sleeping bag is perfectly suitable for use throughout each of the seasons. 

The prospect of your baby becoming overheated during the night can be frightening. Products have even been recalled in the past due to this issue, and research has found that ‘sleep sacks’ for our little ones may be safer than blankets in the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Opting for a sleeping bag for your baby can provide you with that much needed peace of mind.

Here at Woolrex, we believe in keeping our products completely natural. Whilst many companies combine merino wool with a range of synthetic fibres, reducing its excellent temperature regulation properties, both the inner and outer layers of our sleeping bags are made from 100% sustainable and completely natural merino wool. 

All of our premium merino wool baby sleeping bags are certified by Woolmark to guarantee the highest quality of fabric. Importantly, this ensures that both layers of your baby’s sleeping bag are temperature regulating, preventing your baby from becoming too hot or too cold during the night. 

Woolrex sleeping bags are best used at room temperatures between 63-77 degrees Fahrenheit (17-25 degrees Celsius). Simply adjust your baby’s nightwear beneath the sleeping bag accordingly, and the Woolrex’s powerful temperature regulation will do the rest – keeping your baby cosy and warm during winter and perfectly cool during the summer months. 

Built for Convenience and Baby Safety

This versatile and luxurious sleeping bag also comes with a convenient YKK double slider zipper, perfect for changing your baby’s diaper without having to unzip their sleeping bag completely. 

And as any parent will know, babies just aren’t always ready to put their heads down to sleep! 

Woolrex Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag

 Get your baby cosy and ready for sleep time without fastening the foot of the sleeping bag, allowing them to crawl around and get comfortable. 

When it comes to safety, no detail is overlooked. To protect your baby’s delicate skin, our baby sleeping bags feature a heat transfer label and are tested by SGS and Oeko-Tex to ensure they are free from any harmful chemicals. What’s more, the YKK double slider zipper is encased in a fabric zipper head to prevent it from catching or causing irritation.

Easily machine washable at just 40 degrees and available in 4 different sizes, the Woolrex merino wool sleeping bag is the ideal option to keep your baby warm, safe and cosy every night!

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