With its soft, gentle feel and temperature regulating abilities rising well above the competition, our 100% pure Australian merino wool baselayers are the perfect option for everyday comfort.

Ideal for commuters, sportspeople and home office workers alike, this unique and highly versatile product will soon become an everyday wardrobe essential.


Is a 100% merino wool baselayer for me?

Ever experienced the perils of a freezing cold commute, waiting for what seems like hours for your bus or train, only to get to the office and spend the remainder of the day feeling too hot?

Whilst many thermal products simply insulate warmth, which can inevitably lead to uncomfortable heat in an indoor environment, our baselayers harness the natural temperature regulating properties of merino wool, keeping you at just the right temperature, all day long.

And with many of us working from home in the current global climate, why not treat yourself to our wonderful merino wool undergarments for an ultra-cosy, stretchable outfit -perfect for those days when you just want to work in comfort!

Outside of the work environment, investing in a premium merino wool baselayer is ideal for the sports lovers among us. Whether you’re an avid yogi, hiker or skiing enthusiast, our baselayers can keep your body at the optimum temperature for peak performance whilst simultaneously granting you a full and unrestricted range of movement.


Why merino wool?

Merino wool is naturally made up of extremely fine fibres, making it much more breathable and flexible than traditional wool and synthetic fabrics. Its enhanced breathability and movement allow for exceptional comfort alongside odor resistance and excellent temperature regulation (whatever the weather!)

Our products are specially crafted using a carefully selected Japanese 4 needle, 6 thread machine. This machine combines the fabric’s seams beautifully, creating that wonderful, smooth feel we pride ourselves on.

This special seamless feel combined with the naturally soft and flexible nature of pure merino wool makes for the ultimate experience in comfort and luxury. Merino wool is the ideal undergarment option for those with sensitive skin who find themselves regularly falling victim to itchy or scratchy underwear.

And of course, its fine fibres, breathability and excellent temperature regulating properties make merino wool the perfect functional undergarment. Say goodbye to tight, restrictive and clammy baselayers, and go about your daily routine with ease and always in absolute comfort.

What’s more, our pure Australian merino wool is 100% natural with no nasty chemicals. It’s completely recyclable and biodegradable, making it a great sustainable and eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious.


Level-up your undergarments today by investing in quality merino wool baselayers. Our baselayers are available for both men and women, and come in a range of colors and sizes to suit your personal needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect commute-to-office companion, a brand-new sportswear staple or even cosy and comfortable home attire, opting for 100% merino wool baselayers can provide the comfort, practicality and versatility you have been searching for.

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