The 20 Most Popular Swiss Names for Newborn Boys and Girls

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We love everything babies, and picking the perfect name is without a doubt one of the most exciting elements of welcoming a new arrival to your family.  

Whether you’re finding out your new arrival’s gender in advance or waiting for a surprise, it’s always useful to have a few baby name ideas at the ready!

Trends and patterns in baby name choices fluctuate from year to year, but checking out the most popular current newborn names is a great starting point to gain valuable inspiration.

Let’s take a look at the 20 most popular Swiss names for newborn boys and girls in 2019, according to the Federal Statistical Office. (


  1. Liam – 443. Topping the list for the boys and beating Noah to the number one position for the first time in 6 years is Liam! This name originated from Ireland, initially serving as the Irish version of the name “William”. Liam is a hugely popular name worldwide, currently standing as the number one baby name in the US and Canada, too (! Some famous Liams include singer Liam Payne and Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth.
  2. Noah – 437. In close second place for the boys is Noah, which had previously been at number one since 2013. This traditional Hebrew name, brought to popularity by the famous Biblical tale of “Noah’s ark” is most popular in German-speaking Switzerland. ( (

And here is the remainder of that list!

  1. Matteo
  2. Gabriel
  3. Luca
  4. Leon
  5. Elias
  6. Louis
  7. David
  8. Samuel
  9. Levin
  10. Leo/Nino
  11. Leo/Nino
  12. Julian
  13. Ben
  14. Diego
  15. Leonardo
  16. Aaron
  17. Nico
  18. Jonas/Leandro


  1. Mia – 434. Coming in at first for the girls is Mia! This name is thought to have originally been the Scandinavian version of “Maria”. Interestingly, Mia is also the Italian and Spanish word for “mine”. Possibly the most well-known Mia is Rosemary’s Baby actress Mia Farrow. (
  2. Emma – 402. Sitting a fair margin behind Mia is our second contender, Emma. Interestingly, in 2019 this was the number one most popular girl’s name in the US and Canada! This traditional English name was derived from the Old German word for “universal” or “whole”. Some famous Emmas include Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and La La Land’s Emma Stone. (

And here is the rest of the list for the girls!

  1. Sofia
  2. Lara
  3. Emilia
  4. Mila
  5. Lina
  6. Lia
  7. Lena
  8. Anna
  9. Lea
  10. Nora
  11. Ella
  12. Nina
  13. Elena
  14. Olivia
  15. Laura
  16. Julia
  17. Alina
  18. Elin

So there we have it, some food for thought and perhaps even a few new additions to your baby name list!

What are your favourite baby names, and are there any on this list that you love?

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